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Fr–Sa: 11.30am–11.00pm

The Raclette Factory

at the Rindermarkt


When modernity meets tradition in the Raclette Factory, a kind of Swiss "Coolture 2.0" arises. The Raclette Factory is shaped by fair prices, high quality and lots of heart blood.


From the gourmet to the vegetarian, everyone should find something for themselves. We appeal to young urban, vegetarians, workers, quicklunchers and night owls. 


The decoration and interior design is «Alp-chic», inviting and simple. Modern yet rustic. With a nice cup of tea in hand, our guests can look forward to refined Raclettes in dozens of varieties. At the same time, we are always looking forward to seasonal events. We mainly focus on regional products and suppliers.

Our Cheese

Raclette is the most popular Swiss semi-hard cheese with a unique meltability and a rounded aroma unmatched by the rest of the cheeses. Raclette warms the belly and soul of the gourmets as a convivial national food of Switzerland, but it is also suited as sliced ​​cheese and other warm meals. Our cheese is made according to old recipes and with great craftsmanship. The loaves with specific cultures are cultivated according to a special procedure until they reach full maturity.


The production of Raclette cheese has become a culture in Switzerland, where our producers bring their entire knowledge and skill as well as professionalism to create an exceptional cheese for you. And only the products of the brand Raclette Suisse® guarantee absolute naturalness - without additives or genetically modified materials. This is why the bark can be eaten without hesitation.


Our cheese contains no gluten or lactose (below 0.1 g / 100 g) and is rich in high-quality protein, essential amino acids as well as calcium and phosphorus. It is also a good source for Vitamins A, D, B2 and B12.


Genuine Swiss Raclette cheese matures between 3 and 6 months. We vouch for the Swiss origin and a impeccable quality.


Blue cheese „Der blaue Schalk“ by Dani Camenzind, from Schalchen

Truffle cheese by Christa Egli, from Käserei Girenbad
Port wine and white wine cheese by Peter Schneider, from Bäretswil
Sheep's-Raclette cheese by Thomas Hungerbühler,from Toggenburg
Goat-Raclette cheese by Koni Schuppli, from Girenbad

Raclette Factory Zürich Klassiker



The Legend

The early life of Alpine dairymen was hard. It was good that the dairymen on the Swiss Alps could always draw fresh power with a spicy Raclette. For not only the barren existence on the alp, but also evil spirits were hard on the brave Alpine dwellers. The following legend of the dairyman Melchior tells, who has to spend the night in the half-decayed haunted Guggialphütte (cottage) in the search for an escaped calf, so they tell themselves in the village. The dairyman took heart and entered the dark room. As his stomach growled, he searched the hut and, to his delight, found a wholesome piece of cheese. So he went to the cook stove, warmed himself and baked the piece by the fire.

Suddenly the window flew open, a nagging pig's head with bloodshot eyes grinned in, and wanted Melchior’s cheese. He shook with fear, but did make a move. But when the monster did not stop chasing him for the cheese, the Milker got angry. He grabbed the cheese scraper and hit the pig one its sausage fingers. "Hands off, Fatty!" he yelled. "Either you come in or make yourself disappear!" Then the monster jumped into the middle of the room with a malicious grunt. The courageous dairyman let the pig be a pig and took care of his cheese. But when the monster saw how he melted the good piece of cheese, and smelt the lovely scent, he put his foot in the fire, and gave him a bit to taste. But unlike his cheese, Melchior remained sturdy: "You eat yours and I eat mine!" he commanded the unsolicited spirit. Then the monster blew in the air, pounded in the room, and finally went out of the chimney full of anger.

Yes, the life of an alpine dairyman would not have been so easy if one would not have had a delicious, strong, courage-making Raclette between the teeth at the right time.


The history

of the real Swiss Raclette cheese

Raclette originally comes from the Valais region, Switzerland, and is over 400 years old. The first written notes were found in the early 19th century. In 1812, Dr. H. Schiner, mentions in his description of the department of Simplon, a tradition in the Val d'Anniviers, after which sumptuous feasts are begun and end with "fromage rôti".

Other writers report from evenings before the alpine retreat in the Val d'Anniviers: "Some shepherds are sitting around a fire while watching a cheese loaf, which they have exposed to the fire. As soon as the cheese starts to melt, they take a Knife and scrape a slice from the loaf and put it on a piece of bread."

It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the roasted cheese became known to a broader public. On the occasion of the cantonal exhibition of 1909, the best local wines were to be presented and "roasted cheese" served for this purpose. The name "Raclette" was created with the French word "racler", according to the type of food still available in the Valais region and the Swiss gastronomy.

Raclette Factory Zürich Flammkuchen

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